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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Prov. 3:5-6 KJV

Get LIFTED with The UpLIFT Show.

Family, I am so honored and excited to announce that The UpLIFT Show w/ Breezy has been nominated for 2 Spin Awards for the year 2022! Such a privilege and a blessing to be recognized for something I just love to do. Thank you for all of your love and support! Let your vote me counted by clicking the nominee ballot. #GetLIFTED

The UpLIFT Show, hosted by writer, poet, publisher and entrepreneur Briana CaBell aka Breezy, is not a new or radical concept. We are simply sharing the word of God with God’s people in a different and much needed fashion. We do not exist to preach, we exist to inform. We do not want to talk down, we want to lift up. We are not here to condemn but we are here to inspire. This is an informative yet lighthearted weekly lifestyle show that encourages the Christian life and the individual Christian.

We understand that becoming a Christian is as easy as accepting that Christ lived and died just to save us but we also realize that actually living a Christian life can be a challenge. In this modern society of open sexuality, drugs, alcohol, violence and other influences today’s Christian men and women need real life advice, encouragement, and support.

The challenge we face is changing the perception of what a Christian really is. We are geared towards ‘Today’s Urban Christian’. This means that we believe we no longer have to wear our dresses down to our ankles, wear prayer cloths on our heads, or a perpetual frown upon the world’s collective sin to be “saved”.

This show is presented in such a way as to enlighten our listeners with practical advice on how to live the life they seek while living in a world that may make such a lifestyle difficult. Showcasing world events, trending topics, living and laughing, great uplifting music and guests from all backgrounds and genres, we are inviting our listeners to Get LIFTED!


I am so excited that I am one of the contributing authors in the anthology Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Inspirational Stories of Character, Wisdom, Courage, and Strength. Being a virtuous woman is not about being perfect, but rather it is about living a life full of purpose, and daily demonstrating this through character, wisdom, courage, and strength. Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Inspirational Stories of Character, Wisdom, Courage, and Strength is a compilation of 22 diverse stories of women who passionately narrated how they demonstrate character, courage, wisdom, and strength as they walk in the ways of a virtuous woman. Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10, KJV)

Just click the link to preorder your copy today

The UpLIFTShow Black & Red Banquet Featuring Vickie Winans

Sat, January 18, 2020

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

La Familia Arts and Production Studio

836 Guilford Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21202

In celebration of our 2nd year UpLIFTing Baltimore on The UpLIFT Show w/ Breezy & Shirelle we invite you to party with us likes it’s 2099! Bring your best praise and your best black and red attire for words from Overseer Jacqueline Johnson, Dr. Eric Holmes and Pastor Deborah Burrus. With a special appearance by the One and Only Vickie Winans! Hosted by Gospel Comedy’s Sweetheart FeFe Moore all the way from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Refreshments will be served. Limited Seating $40 per person. You don’t want to miss this. #GetLIFTED

Get Your Tickets HERE

Greetings to all of my listeners, viewers and supporters! I have been abundantly blessed to present The UpLIFT Show to a vast audience. As the show garners more attention I see it as an opportunity to share my ministry gift. I am not a preacher, pastor, evangelist or minister. I do not hold any special office or title. I am what most of us are - an imperfect person trying to maintain in an imperfect world without being swallowed up by said world.

This show is about information, inspiration and UpLIFTment. For that reason I am seeking help from any who are able to partner with me to grow and spread the mission and vision of The UpLIFT Show. Donations of any size are appreciated and even if you can't give monetarily - prayers are always appropriate!

All donations will be used for the building of the show, station, and community outreach, And as always; Get Peace, Get Love, Get Understanding and above all Get LIFTED!

Me and Vickie Winans

Love This Lady!

Just Breezy

Feeling Myself

Me and Dr. Bobby Jones

Happy to be with the Ambassador and even happier that I've lost over 100 lbs since this photo!!!

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