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Briana C. CaBell

Briana C. CaBell also known as Breezy, is a young woman moved by the spirit of God to walk in her gifting. Briana has been writing since early childhood and remembers writing her first play in the 6th grade, She has suffered many emotional strongholds in her life and attributes her God-given writing ability in helping her overcome those obstacles. 

Ms. CaBell published her first collection of poetry, Chasing Shadows: Revelations of a Young Mind, at the age of 25. This work was really an unintentional project as it was more of a collection of random thoughts than a masterpiece. 

Chasing Shadows was followed a few years later by Dream Catcher: Tales of Love and Life, Lost and Found. Briana's writing maturity was evidenced in this work and it received very high praise. 

Ms. CaBell took several years away from poetry while woking in ministry writing, producing and directing several plays and programs for her church, running a catering business, following her other passion of working with children, and furthering her education. 

In 2010 Briana was led to pubish a a small book based on her research of the familial bloodline of Jesus Christ. Whose Blood Did Christ Shed is an in-depth look at the effects Jesus' shed blood and how it impacts the modern day Body of Christ. She has also written for newspapers, online lifestyle sites, and even produced her own online magazine.

Recently she released her first children's book called I've Got A Secret all about the amazing thing that Teddy Bear can't wait to share with his friends. This book was born out of the over ten years that Ms. CaBell has spent studying early childhood education and working with children of all ages. 

In what she considers one of her finest accomplishments Breezy is the host of the new UpLIFT Show on Awesome God Radio which premiered in January of 2018. With this venture Breezy is excited to open a new venue for believers of all stages, races, and backgrounds to discuss, learn, grow and laugh together.

Ms. CaBell sites not her personal strength but the strong presence of God in her life, her family, and her beloved Pastor for keeping her through the many trials in her life and continuing to give her the love and support to heal.

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